How to Order


Using Our EPO

Go to the EPO Link and log-on with your user name and password given to you by Columbia. Once you have logged-on, the EPO ticket will open with your account information filled in. The EPO ticket is quite similar to our old order book. We believe you will find it very user friendly.

Use the EPO for all orders except those placed through Oce Plan Center.
Check the appropriate box on the EPO ticket to indicate whether you are:
 Attaching Drawings    Need a Pickup    Ordering Drawings on File

You will no longer have to send a fax when sending your job electronically, because the EPO ticket will contain your drawing files. We think this will streamline the efficiency of sending your drawing files electronically. We do request that you still give us a phone call to let us know you have sent an order. The phone call will help expedite your order. You will also get an email as confirmation that your order was received.

Using OCE Plan Center

To send jobs via Oce Plan Center you will first need an invitation to the site. An invite is an email that will be sent to you. From that email you will create your user name and password that will take you into your company's container. To download your files directly from AutoCad or Windows you will need to download free software (Publishing Tools) which can be found at www.oceplancenter.com. Once you have downloaded the software you are set to publish to your container in plan center. After accepting the initial invitation the best way to get to plan center is by using the link on our site. For a free demonstration on all the sites capabilities and functions call Stacie Prince at 212-477-9363.


If you would like to open an account please call Stacie Prince at 212-477-9363, or you can click here and fill out a credit application on line, or click the PDF credit application form to print and fill out by hand. Whether you choose to fill out the form on line or by hand we request that you print out the form, sign it and fax it back to us at 212-477-9369. All banks require the signature of the person in your company who manages your account and that is why we need you to print out the form. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like to try our service without having an account open just call to let us know if your job needs to be picked up or is being sent electronically. Since you are not yet a client we will request the specifications of your job so we can price it out. Before we commit to doing your job we will make sure you agree to the price. Your job will be delivered to you with an invoice that will need to be paid by check or cash.

  • Since you are not yet a client the EPO will not be available to you, but there are other ways to get your electronic files to us. For instructions and pricing please call 212-477-9363.
  • If you are interested in exploring oce plan center give us a call and we will invite you into our demo container


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